Water JPI Conference

Millions of Europeans receive high quality drinking water every day. However, the provision of safe water for drinking purposes is threatened by, amongst other factors, the improper disposal of chemicals, animal and human wastes, pesticides, emerging pollutants, and emerging risks from “established” pollutants, aged water supply infrastructures, sub-optimal water management, and natural hazards. By bringing together stakeholders from research and industry as well as policy makers and relevant organizations, the conference contributes to filling knowledge gaps regarding the environmental behavior of pollutants and their effects on human health. Specific topics to be covered include development of analysis and detection systems, water treatment opportunities, impacts of wastewater reuse on human health and new water management practices.


The Water JPI is dedicated to achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and further afield; an ambitious challenge. This will be delivered via a multi-disciplinary approach, including economic, ecological, societal as well as both technological and non-technological considerations.

The Water JPI provides an opportunity for broader cross-border cooperation, greater collaboration and a more unified focus on water RDI both in Europe and further afield.


Key dates:
Mid-December 2017: Call for abstracts posted and advertised
End of February 2018: Abstract submission closes
End of March 2018: Authors notified of acceptance 
End of April 2018: Scientiic programme posted
6-7 June 2018: Conference


Scientific committee:
Dermot Diamond, Dublin City University
Steven Eisenreich, Prof. em. Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Antonio Lo Porto, EurAqua, European Network of Freshwater Research Organisations
Gilles Neveu, EU-INB, EU Network of River Basins Organisations
Inmaculada Ortiz, Universidad de Cantabria
Teppo Vehanen, EIFAAC, European Inland Fishery and Aquaculture Advisory Commission

More information:
2nd JPI Water Conference

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